A little bit of nonsense.

Word of the Day Challenge & Your Daily Word Prompt. 12/6/19. ECLECTIC & DISLIKE.   ECLECTIC & DISLIKE. A small play with words for you today; a nonsense rhyme. Enjoy   The dinghy eclipses the Diamante eclipse the diadem expansiveness of the sky diffuses ecstasy and dilates eclectic dingy experimental dirges echo   A diseased... Continue Reading →

Notice me!

100 Word Wednesday: Week 124 Used and abused, that's me!   People walk on by and ignore, whilst I get stabbed.  Would you like a puppy Sir? No one sees, no one cares, no one knows how much I hurt; they just walk on by. How about a holiday let for 2 weeks, Madam? Occasionally... Continue Reading →

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