The race to re-take Ernabeth.

The Daily Spur Photo Prompt. 24/6/19.

Today’s word is TEAR. Get the definition from or from the urban dictionary

Today’s picture, taken from The Daily Spur.


Photo by Carl Nenzen Loven (archduk3)
Photo provided by Unsplash

The race to re-take Ernabeth.


Tears rolled down her face as she stared into the depths of the canyon; the sheer beauty of it bringing tears to her eyes. She knew the next few weeks would be tough, but she was determined to make it through the entirety before time ran out for the half-elf to claim her title as heiress to the throne.

The road she had travelled had been long and arduous, but she had to keep her father’s dying wish to reclaim his lands from the Orc tyrant FoGlesh who had deposed the old king many years before. FoGlesh had died of old age this last moon past and when the news spread a race began between all the nations to claim Ernabeth for their own.

The Orc nation, having no heir from FoGlesh had started infighting between the clans, giving vital extra time to the half-elf but with the interest from the other nations also, time was of the essence. Since the deposition of the old king, the world had thought the royal family dead with no-one surviving the initial raid. Little did they know that Lillee had been away hunting at the time and had been able to make an escape when she learned the truth of the night’s events.

Now it was Lillee’s turn to take revenge at the castle of her forefathers, at the other end of the valley known only as Deaths Advance and famed for its demons and beasts the likes the world knew no-where else. None that had ever entered came out the same; many never came out at all. Lillee was terrified but determined as she freed her horse from his tethers, refusing to lead her trusted steed to the same dark fate that befell her.

The race continues as our heroin descends the slopes, steadfast in her mission aims but quaking in her boots.


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