Word of the Day Challenge & Your Daily Word Prompt. PENANCE. PLENITUDE. STOLID. 7/6/19.   I have a 3 in 1 for you this morning as im short on time around appointments and housework. Ill be back on form in the morning when there are no school runs to worry about. Lxx   Penance. Plenitude.... Continue Reading →

Oh No! She’s one of them!

First Line Fridays. 7/6/19.   Ok, so today is the day I'm coming out to you all... I am now and have been for my whole life, a TREKKIE!!!   I am currently reading this book, The Ethics of Star Trek. Its a much better read than you would expect and I recommend it to... Continue Reading →


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. 7/6/19. Shadows Shadows. Watching you sit in the shadows by the fire, the light from the flames flickering across your face; highlighting every line I know and love so well. I fall for you just a little bit more. You are my King of the Night, my Mozzie Ninja, my all... Continue Reading →

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