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Your Daily Word Prompt &Word of the Day Challenge. 14/6/19. QUANDARY & SAFE. QUANDARY & SAFE. Life is a quandary; don't you think? Just when I think I have things figured out, something comes along and throws a spanner in the works and I'm back to being the same confused little girl I always revert... Continue Reading →


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge. 14/6/19. SHADOW. SHADOW. The shadow dance across your face has me spellbound, every line, every crease, every perfect flaw, all mine. Watching you sit, king of the flames, lord of my heart, astounds my minds to think that I wake each day, and you're mine. You are my idea of perfection,... Continue Reading →


First Line Fridays. 14/6/19. STARDATE. RULES- Pick up your closest book and post the first word. It's that simple.   Let's all share what we are reading today. For me... Live long and prosper my friends.   STARDATE. Star Trek Khan by IDW Publishing   If you're not a Trekky, I recommend at least one... Continue Reading →

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