My Fear.

Your Daily Word Prompt & Word of the Day Challenge Combined. GLAMOUR & PUBLIC Just a quick combo to add to the other posts of the day. Its a little dark but accurate.   My Fear. I fear going out in public. I always feel small and lost and alone; even in the biggest crowds,... Continue Reading →


Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  7/6/19. “open book, point, write.” (Pocket Study Skills by Gary Thomas. page 5. line 11. word 4.) Picked for me by my two baby bears, Lill Man & Lill Miss.   'BATHROOM'   I hate my bathroom with a passion. It has been the cause of constant stress for me for around... Continue Reading →

Come and join the riverbank party.

Six Word Saturday challenge. 7/6/19. Come and join the Riverbank Party.   Come and join the riverbank party.   Last year was the year that I discovered the joys and delights of Free Camping; and introduced a few others to the jaunts too. There is nothing more liberating and enjoyable than rocking up somewhere, stealthily... Continue Reading →

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