Am I?

Bashful. Daily word prompt. 31/5/19. Am I bashful? I hide behind my keyboard so that I can't be seen; my anonymity or openness ensured by careful consideration of what I share and say and in that sense yes, I am bashful. I find this counter to the actuality of the situation, as I sit here... Continue Reading →

YHA Adventures.

Wherever and Abscond. Daily word prompt. 29&30/5/19.   Wherever and Abscond. Daily word prompt. 29&30/5/19.The last three days we have been wherever we have wanted to go. We have absconded from the drudgery and dreariness of our four walls and we have experienced stuff... together. Tomorrow its business as usual, back to reality. Today tho...... Continue Reading →

Who am I?

Silence. Daily word prompt. 28/5/19   My life has been lived in relative silence, She and I are old friends. Below is a paper I wrote for an intercultural communication assignment I was set this past term at university; and the best way I can think of to explain my affinity with the word Silence.... Continue Reading →


Nostalgic. Daily word prompt. 26/5/19   Bit of nostalgia for today's post... I wrote this at roughly the same time (18 years ago) as the previous poem I posted but again, it could have been written yesterday. I still think and feel the same, trapped in the never ending cycle that is my existence. Questions.... Continue Reading →


Wilderness. Daily word prompt. 25/5/19     Whatever happens in life, whatever drama shows, I'll never give up the fight, never stop writing prose. Letters, posts, blogs and poems, words they never stop, Defenders of my sanity and supporters of my strops. Each and every word I pen has become my therapy, Resonating common sense... Continue Reading →


Vague. Daily word prompt. 23/5/19.   I have a only a vague recollection of being a child. Memories are like photographs, simple stills that my mind has chosen to freeze in time; no context or storyline to help me understand why I remember what I do. No timeline of events to guide my thinking or... Continue Reading →

I miss the old Me.

Fervent. Daily word prompt 20/5/19   Adjective: Fervent Having or displaying a passionate intensity "a fervent supporter of the cause" Once upon a time I fought for what I thought was right. First on the lines of a march or protest, always ready to stand for the rights of the 'little man.' I was never... Continue Reading →

Surround yourself.

Surround. 24/5/19   Surround yourself with people who challenge you to become better than you are. Don't sit in you're bubble waiting for someone to dare enter your sanctuary, get out there and be all you can be. Surround yourself with love and comfort and hope and tranquility. For in this one life you have... Continue Reading →

The ups and downs of life.

Zenith. Daily word prompt. 22/5/19   At the zenith of your power, the height of your esteem. Life could be no better as you flow along your stream. Everything in life is rosy, this grass of yours is green. There are no uphill struggles and life is just serene STOP! HALT! HOLD ON JUST A... Continue Reading →


Empathy. Daily word prompt. 21/5/19   In a world where we are constantly running around trying to achieve all of our own goals and fulfill all of our own needs, empathy for our fellow man seems to have been forgotten. We heckle and degrade those around us that do not conform or fit into a... Continue Reading →

Whats your narrative?

Narrative. Daily word prompt, 19/5/19   What's your narrative? When your alone with your thoughts, what goes through your mind? Are you a worrier, a planner, a day dreamer, a fantasist? All or non of the above? If you had to write your life story, what section of the book shop would your novel fall... Continue Reading →


What is the point in living, if we all know we're going to die? Why does new life make us happy? Why does death make us cry? Why do wake up in the morning, just to go back to bed at night? Why do we work to earn our money, just to save it out... Continue Reading →

The battle.

Life isn't meant to be this complicated or difficult is it? When does it start to slow off a little? When do I get to have a little ease for a while? I feel like I'm fighting all the time. My body has been failing me for as long as I can remember and my... Continue Reading →

What is there left?

I can't scream for help any longer. I'm too tired. I can't cling onto the shreds of a life I'll never have and long for someone to hold me and never let me go. I can't keep hoping to get better when there isn't any help available or anyone who cares. I've been strong for... Continue Reading →

Will I ever?

Will I ever be anything more than that scared little girl, hiding under the bed so the monster cant get to me? Am I ever going to be anything more than the outsider, that no one wants around? Will I ever be more than the fat kid with braces who no one admits to being... Continue Reading →

2 minutes of your time.

That's all it would take to let someone know that you're ok. That's all it would take to stop someone's heart and mind racing, searching for answers and hoping you're alive. Just 2 little minutes, less time than it takes to use the loo or make a coffee. That's all it would need to stave... Continue Reading →

I’m still here!

So much has happened in the last year and a bit, it's hard to know where to start. 16 months have past since my last post and I feel like I've just woke from a dream of a life I'll never have. I didn't stay single too long! (Its a problem, I know!) I had... Continue Reading →

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