If you shake me, I rattle!

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge. 1/6/19. WHITE.



White. Pink & White. White & White. White & White. Yellow. White & white!

It sounds like a really bad rap tune, sung by a weedy white guy.

My life is ruled by white!

I can’t move without white!

My tummy would bleed without white!

My head would work overtime without white!

I feel like a Jem’Hadar, hooked on white!


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Photo Challenge White

3 thoughts on “If you shake me, I rattle!

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  1. Those little white pills – An unexpected response to our White photo challenge! I’m sorry your life is ruled by such a cocktail of drugs and I hope that one day you will free of them and are able to live your life with a content and happy smile. Thank you for sharing and for joining in with our challenge. 🙂

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    1. Thank you hunni.
      I pray for the day when medicine has advanced enough for them to fix all the various bits that are wrong with me.
      Sadly I’m likely to be on the little white devils for the rest of my life as there isn’t a cure for EUPD, Scoliosis, Hypermobility or suspected Emphysema and Fibromyalgia.
      At 38, I expect these will only get worse with age but I’m not giving up hope. Not yet anyways.

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      1. I am so so sorry to hear this. You are far too young to be suffering in this way. No
        please do not give up hope. I wish you well LillBlu and I thank you for following and for linking to our challenge. 🙂

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