Written in response to #WotD & #YDWP. 12/10/19

Lucy was anything but chic, in fact Lucy was as far away from it as a person could be and tonight her favoured tracksuit and trainer’s combo would never fit the bill; and she knew it. Tonight, was to be the biggest gig of her life and one she would never have chosen for herself, but she never questioned the handlers, and if they thought she was the person for the job then it must be.

She had received a package earlier in the day with a note that told her these were to be her clothes for the evening and Lucy had balked at the thought. Inside was the most beautiful cocktail dress with matching heals and bag, nothing like the normal attire Lucy would have chosen; but then again, nothing about this job was anything like what Lucy would have chosen. Her normal gigs were straight-up burglaries and the like, anything that required a light frame and an even lighter finger, this job was likely to take an element of finesse that Lucy wasn’t used to having.

Within an hour Lucy was washed and dressed up to the nines, her own mother wouldn’t recognise her tonight, that’s for sure, especially with the new wig so thoughtfully supplied along with the outfit. Red, just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, she sniggered to herself at the comparison. Lucy was as ready as she would ever be for this mission and so she headed out to the strip.

The dossier had told her to be on the strip by nightfall and she had no intention of being late for this gig, completion meant a pay-out bigger than anything she had had before, and God knows she needed it right now. Lucy took up the assigned position outside of the biggest casino and she waited. It wasn’t long before she found her mark and as he pulled up in his Lamborghini she casually strolled over and opened his gull-wing.

“Are you looking for some company tonight?” asked Lucy in as sultry a voice as she could manage.

Johnny was as chic as a man could be. Tall, dark, handsome, with rugged good looks and wearing a killer suit. Suddenly Lucy was very nervous and found herself gawking at the guy she was supposed to rob. Johnny took Lucy’s hand and unfolded himself from the car. Once out he stood a clear foot taller than Lucy’s tiny five-foot frame and she quivered a little inside. Johnny was hot!

As it happened Johnny was looking for company and Lucy fit the bill perfectly; almost as if someone had read his mind and he eagerly took hold of Lucy and led her to the entrance.

Lucy’s brief had told her that Johnny was a prolific gambler and would throw away thousands every night. He owned yachts and penthouses, fast cars and expensive jewellery. This guy was filthy rich, and it was Lucy’s job to take a piece of it. Sources indicated that he always kept a million dollars in the safe in his suit. It was Lucy’s job to get the code and get out with the money. Her cut was twenty percent; a cool two hundred grand.

Lucy hadn’t thought much about how to engage with Johnny, she had hoped he would take the lead and she hadn’t been wrong in her assumptions. Johnny was the kind of guy that was never led anywhere, and he took Lucy right to the bar and ordered cocktails for both. Lucy knew she had to stay level-headed enough to be able to do her job and the first step was to get this guy drunk. She had been given a drug to slip into his drink to knock him out, but he needed to be in his room first.

She took her drink and downed it in one. A little Dutch courage to start the night off wouldn’t hurt.

What Lucy didn’t know was that Johnny wasn’t all he appeared to be, but by the end of the night she would know him far better than she had ever wanted.

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