Dear dairy

I PASSED MY EXAM!!!! I cant believe it!! 62.5%!

I guess all they prayers have paid off and I do know something about finance after all, well, the theory anyways… I still have the math component to sit in the January exam period but the score I’ve achieved already is enough to scrape me through I think. I’m well chuffed.

Bit gutted that labour didn’t get in in the general election but I cant have everything, so I’ll just have to be happy with one miracle in a day.


11 thoughts on “13/12/19

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      1. Flippin ‘eck! Nuce to meet you Lil. My hubby worked in Hullo for a while. We like Hull. Scunny is horrible!


      2. Yes, Scunny is horrid. We moved to Derbyshire in 2001 to get away. It was great there. But had to move back in 2009 when hubby became disabled. Then I got stinking cancer! Oh well……such is life. I hope you get on great, Lil, with your Uni course. I an only imagine how hard it must be looking after a family and doing that as well. Hope you have a GREAT weekend ❤️

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