Don’t follow me.

written in response to #FOWC. 17/12/19 Don't follow me on this road I take. Walk besides me and take my hand, guide me, for I know not where I go. Don't follow me down this lonely road. Light my way and guide me when I am lost, for this will be a lot of the... Continue Reading →

Precious little thing

written in response to #YDWP. 17/12/19 Pretty as a pictureRambunctious as you likeEach and every single day, ICount my blessings rightI love my bear, my little missOf that you can be certainUntil the ending of my daysShe'll be my little urchin


Dear diary. My back is still super sore this morning but not as bad as yesterday, which is a blessing in itself. I cant seem to settle the pain through any of the normal methods I use tho and that in itself is worrying. I'm really hoping that it's just because the weather is cold... Continue Reading →

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