Dear Diary

Its been a lovely weekend with my mini bear, shes such an adorable little thing and so well behaved. Baby bear dropped her off on saturday afternoon and she never stopped smiling the whole time she was here. The kids have loved having her here to play with and I have loved seeing them all play together. I have been so blessed this weekend, hopefully it wont be too long before I have her over to stay again.

Today brings a day of uni work and tidying. I have 2 classes to attend right in the middle of the day, which makes it a bit awkward for getting stuff done as they’re are no real blocks of time left for me to do it after Ive taken into account the amount of time travelling takes. I seem to spend more time in the car getting to and from uni than I do in actual classes.

I need to find a better way of organising my time, so that im achieving something other than running about like a headless chicken. I need to get better at being able to segment things and work on one issue at a time rather than getting bogged down in it all. I just dont know how.

I suppose id better get on anyways, so much to do, so little time!


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