Dear Diary

I dont know whats wrong with me today but Ive woken up in an odd kind of mood. I don’t know quite how I feel or what I want, but I feel on edge like something bads going to happen. Nothings likely to or even expected to but it just feels that way to me; the calm before the storm, kind of feeling, if you know what I mean?

I wish I could just sack everything off today and crawl back into my bed and sleep but I have a busy morning at uni with back to back classes; both related to a big assignment I am working on and so I cant really miss them.

I hope I sleep better tonight as Im having my mini bear over to stay on Saturday night and so Im unlikely to sleep much then. I really need to be on top form for when she is here as she is mobile in a big way and runs around everywhere, into everything and cheeky as you like. Im hugely looking forward to it but just hope I have the energy for when the little madam plays me up. Haha!

I honestly cant wait as this will be the first time Ive had her over. Im so looking forward to having her here overnight, its untrue. I didn’t realise how much I missed having babies until she came swooping in on me and stole my heart, she is such a happy child. Almost makes me broody but Im well past my ability to have any more (thank god!) and it will be nice to be able to give her back to baby bear on sunday knowing I can have a rest and clean up in peace. Im so looking forward to grandma time.

But thats for another day, best get my ass into gear and crack on with today really.


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