Dear diary

My backs still buggered, I’m still having nightmares and uni is still stressing me out but I’m ok. I have to keep telling myself that!

Fear has become the biggest problem in my life at the moment. Not the various things that are causing it, the fear itself is the problem and I need to rise above it. I just dont know how!

I wish someone would guide me, show me where I’m going wrong and lead me down the right path for a change but it seems I’m doomed to work it all out on my own, so that is what I must do!

I’m terrified of failure but learn best from my mistakes so I must allow myself to make them or I’ll never improve. I have to have faith in myself because no one else does.


11 thoughts on “24/10/19

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    1. I pray almost every day now but I have no idea what for. I have no real faith.
      I hope you manage to find some strength from somewhere. I know how debilitating being without it can be.
      Hugs. Xxxx


      1. I’m praying for you!

        Some days are good and some days (like yesterday) I feel like an old man in a young man’s body…

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      2. I’ve been running lately. It’s actually helped some. But also hurts too. I think my problem is that I get active and then I slack off. My body can’t handle in between.

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