How Bizarre!

Written in response to #WotD. 3/9/19.

So Im just sat here, happily blogging away and BAM! Out of nowhere Im being sick, and I mean properly sick. I didn’t feel sick before hand and I don’t feel at all ill after the event but WOW, that was intense.

I haven’t even eaten any breakfast or anything yet so I cant blame the food Ive eaten and Im drinking the same coffee now as I was before hand, so thats not the issue either. I don’t get it!

The only thing in my stomach was the remains of my tea last night and my morning medication and coffee, nothing out of the ordinary at all. My medication doesn’t normally make me sick.

Before anyone says anything about pregnancy tests or buns in the oven… its a physical impossibility. So thats off the cards. Thank god! Im a grandma, couldn’t be doing with starting again; no matter how broody I get over babies.

I really hope Im not coming down with anything, it would be sods law that I’ll get ill the week the kids go back to school, wouldn’t it!

Hey Ho, lets see what the rest of the day brings… Hopefully not more illness.

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  1. You may be having a reaction to something that you ate yesterday. I have had that happen. Feeling fine and then next I know I am hanging over sink. Once done it was like nothing happened. Usually I find it occurs generally if I have not had a lot to eat the day before and then I mix my meds with my vitamins. If I wait to take my Calcium I find that that helps the not feeling ill part. But like yourself I am at a loss as to why it happens. Hope you feel better. 🙂

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