Dear diary.

Yesterday consisted of school uniform prep and not a lot else!

I never realised just how much preparation it would take to get two children ready for big school instead of the usual one and I still need to go out today and buy the remainder of the bits they need; like winter coats now the weather has turned, and winter boots.

I have no idea where I am going to find the extra cash I need to get them both what they need but I’m going to have to come up with something and fast or Ill have very cold and wet little bears in a few weeks time when the rains come.

Oh the joys of parenting when you have no income to speak of.

I still haven’t got any of the books I need for class myself this term, money has been so tight but I managed last year so I shall have to do it again this time round. Its going to be tough doing marketing and finance without the correct books and I’m just hoping that the library can help me. lol

hey ho, not a lot I can do but try, so to speak.

T minus 50 hrs till school opens! YAY!


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    1. mine are in uniforms too but this is more of a headache than a help in all honesty. The schools insist you buy the uniform only from them with the school logo on everything. It costs a fortune, especially when I have a boy and a girl so cant hand down clothes.

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      1. Actually, for the pieces that don’t have logos, I buy cheaper versions at Old Navy or Children’s Place. The other ones I ask around to the older kids parents…Our school often has a lot of outfits at the lost and found each year so our PTA cleans them and sells them at a cheaper price at a fundraiser!

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