Oh No! She’s one of them!

First Line Fridays. 7/6/19.


Ok, so today is the day I’m coming out to you all…

I am now and have been for my whole life, a TREKKIE!!!


I am currently reading this book, The Ethics of Star Trek. Its a much better read than you would expect and I recommend it to you all, Trekkies and non-Trekkies alike.


2019-06-07 (3)

My first line:

‘Why is good stronger than evil?’

What a fantastic question, and opener to any book.

In the context of the Star Trek universe, good is often stronger than evil. In my opinion, this is used to encourage a sense of hope; a sense of positivity within the storylines. Star Trek is an amazing teacher of morals and ethics, it could not achieve this without the positivity and the general overarching knowledge that the crew will triumph over evil most of the time.

I’ll leave you with that thought; if you’d like to share your views, my comment box is always open.












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