Medical Info.

As I refer to various elements of my physical and mental health throughout my blog posts, I thought it prudent to create a list of my various issues and include links to further information, should anyone wish to know more about them and not feel comfortable enough to ask me directly.

The links provided are by no means the best information out there regarding each issue but do give the broadest cover in the least technical way as to ensure clarity among the majority of readers.

Should you have any questions you would like to ask me directly, please don’t hesitate. I’m always happy to talk.

Mental Health challenges

EUPD/BPD – Diagnosed March 2019

ANXIETY – Diagnosed 1990

DEPRESSION – Diagnosed 1990

Learning disabilities

DYSLEXIA – From birth

DYSPRAXIA – From birth

Eyesight issues

DIPLOPIA – Diagnosed 2007

Hearing issues

APD – Diagnosed 1988

OTOSCLEROSIS – Diagnosed 2010

Mobility Difficulties


SCOLIOSIS – From birth

SPD (PRE & POST-PREGNANCY) – Diagnosed 1997

L4/L5 PROLAPSED DISC – Diagnosed Jan 2018

Breathing issues


One weeks medication! 140 tablets!

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