Dear Diary Ive woken up slightly less scatty today than yesterday, which is a good thing for sure. It took me hours to drag my head out from up my a&^e yesterday and it didnt feel good at all. I dont know whats been wrong with me the last week, I just seem so apathetic... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary I woke up really early this morning and I feel really antsy to go with it. My brain is buzzing with uni work and I cant calm it down enough to focus on doing anything constructive. I hate days like this. I wake up with so much energy but no motivation and generally... Continue Reading →

Hazy days

written in response to #YDWP. A long time ago I was a different person to that you see today. I was young and wild and careless with my life and those I cared about. I never thought about the tomorrows that were to come or the days id left behind, everything was about the here... Continue Reading →


Dear Diary Its been a lovely weekend with my mini bear, shes such an adorable little thing and so well behaved. Baby bear dropped her off on saturday afternoon and she never stopped smiling the whole time she was here. The kids have loved having her here to play with and I have loved seeing... Continue Reading →

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