Dear Diary

This last few weeks have been tough to handle. Yeah weve had a good time being away but the undertones of the normal life stresses never really leave you even when your on holiday and it spoilt it a little.

Bears been working like a dog for the last three months to try and get enough money so we can all move in together. Our holiday away was supposed to be a celebration of that and it was, Bear finally completed his three month stint of 70 hour weeks, his mission was completed but as it turned out it was all for nothing and Ive had to watch my Bears world fall apart.

Its really hard watching someone you loves life fall apart around their ears. Watching all their hard work go up in smoke and not being able to do a damned thing to help or prevent it from happening is soul destroying to say the least. I just wish I could make things better for Bear, make everything work out exactly the way he wanted it to, but I cant and it breaks my heart to have to watch him go through this alone.

Life isn’t fair.


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