Dear Diary

Reality bites hard!

Bears gone back to work this morning and we’re now all back to the usual 5 am routine of getting up and starting the day at such an ungodly hour! I don’t mind it too much really, if I’m truly honest. Yeah its nice to have a lie in now and then but I did miss the hours of peace and quiet before the baby bears get up and start ransacking the place.

Ive been so lucky having the time off with Bear and the kids all at the same time, it happens so rarely, and I shouldn’t complain but what a mess its left the house in having everyone at home all the time. Its going to take me all week to even begin to get back on top of it all.

And then theres the uni work ive neglected whilst ive been away to catch up on too! This weeks going to be a hard week.

Oh well, best crack on eh!

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