Dear Diary

Im so beyond sick of this now its unreal! Why cant I get control of this bloody sleepiness I have all the time? I thought Id been doing really well lately but low and behold last night it popped back up as soon as Id finished my tea and I fell asleep in my chair at the dining table; before everyone had finished dinner!

Now Bears mad at me because I slept through the only bit of Valentines day that we could spend together and Im pissed off at myself!

Ive researched and researched to see if I can find a cause for it but all it keeps bringing me back to is that Im either diabetic or its my meds so today Im booking myself a doctors appointment, Ive had enough of this now! Im sick of losing out on all the best bits in life because Im bloody sleeping.

Bears off as of Monday, for a week and a half, maybe we will be able to get a few hours to ourselves between my uni classes, before the kids come home at least. heres hoping anyways.

Today brings a day of crafting with the smallest ones and maybe a visit from Baby Bear if I can tempt her into popping over for a while, it would be nice to have a catch up for a bit and some adult company; even if she is still my child. lol

We will just have to see what the day brings.


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