Dear diary

When the weathers bad, my mood follows! Why cant we have springtime already? Im so sick of the cold and the darkness now its untrue. and its seriously effecting how my brain works.

I noticed the other day. We had a day of sunshine for a change and it felt like a spring morning. My energy levels were higher, my mood was better and I felt better in myself, rejuvenated somehow and I can only put it down to the higher light and temperature levels for that day as Id had a particularly bad nights sleep preceding it.

Im seriously thinking about changing all of my light-bulbs to the kind that imitate sunlight, the same kind they use in light boxes for people with SAD. I think that would help us all in the household as we all suffer from a lack of sunlight in the winter months. I have to do something!

Bears on his final countdown of his 3 month marathon at work. 5 more days to go and then he is off for a week, I cant wait to have him home for a while, its been so long; almost a year since he had a week off in a block at least.

Im hoping that we will be able to get some stuff sorted round the house whilst he is off and at least clear the lounge up a bit. Ive seriously let things slide over the last few months and I need to get back to being on top of things again. I need to learn to manage my time better and not let uni bog me down. Easier said than done!

1 class today on world economies and then home to crack on with cleaning the kitchen up a bit. I have a mountain of pots with my name on them, unfortunately! Roll on getting a house move so I can buy a dishwasher.


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