Dear Diary

What a horrible nights sleep to go with the horrid storms we are having at the moment. If I didn’t live in a 3 story house with a wooden roof extension I wouldn’t be too worried but I’m scared to death that the whole thing is going to detach and fly off into the distance.

I’ll be glad when we finally get to moving house and we can leave this old place behind. There are whole lifetimes of memories for me in this house and so I will be sad to leave it behind but so glad when we get a place that isn’t falling apart around our ears.

I’m having really emotionally charged dreams at the moment and am often waking up close to tears. The dreams feel so real when I’m asleep but as soon as I wake they fade leaving only the emotions behind and its starting to drive me mad.

I don’t know if it’s related to the imminent house move situation or if its uni stress. Hell, it could even be some reaction to my meds for all I know but the one thing I can say for sure is that it’s driving me insane as the emotions stay with me for hours.

I woke up 6 times during the night last night and I’m feeling it this morning. To top it all off I have a really busy day today with hospital appointments and uni classes. All I really want to do is sleep but I cant.

Not long now till our little family break away from this house and the stress within its walls. Were all so ready for it and ready to spend some quality time together to boot, it feels like its been an age since we have done anything positive to raise the mood of the place, what with bear working such mad hours and all the rest of life to fit in too. We just haven’t had any time for each other.

I cant wait.


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