Dear Diary

Where is this year going to so fast? I cant believe were marching through February this quickly, before you know it it will be Easter again and then summer! Why do the days seem to pass so quickly the older you get?

Driving about the city yesterday I couldn’t help but notice that the crocus and daffodils are already coming through, spring has come early to my little corner of the world and I am so pleased that there is the start of life back in the winter wilderness that is the urban jungle I live in. The grays of tarmac and leaden skies are the source of much of my winter malaise and Ill be glad when the sun finally makes an appearance.

Uni is back in full swing as of Monday and I honestly cant wait for full time hours again. I feel like Im sat waiting for something to happen all the time Im sat at home moping about, trapped by the four walls I inhabit. I finally understand why people say they are reading business when they are at university studying like me. Reading is all that seems to happen for most of the year and as much as I love a good book, textbooks just don’t have the same appeal as a good Stephen King or a nice bit of Tolkien! Reading for my degree is all I seem to do and Im bored stiff.

Im counting down the days till our little trip away. I cant believe Im actually excited about going to the beach in February with three kids, all of which Bear and I have to share a room with for two nights straight. Im really looking forward to it tho and I hope the weather is fairly clement for us or we are all going to get very cold and wet. even so Im still looking forward to it immensely.

Today brings more cleaning and reading for me as well as a marketing class so Id best crack on with my day, hadnt I.


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