Dear Diary

Another bad nights sleep for me again! Im so sick of it now, I just want to wake up feeling like ive had some rest for a change, is that too much to ask?

Im sure that its down to the fact that Ive not got enough to do at the moment and Im still pottering about until all of my classes start up again next week; then Ill be busy and hopefully then ill sleep too!

Today brings another acupuncture session for me, even though they are not really helping me I am determined to see the treatment through so that the NHS will let me move on to the next thing they think I will benefit from. So far they have had me doing yoga and talking therapies, acupuncture and traditional painkillers. Next in the line I think they offer massages which will be nice but I honestly dont know how they think that a massage will cure a prolapsed disc in my back, but Im willing to give anything a go.

Later this morning I am going to pick up BB and MB and spend a few hours with them both. I even get to play babysitter whilst BB runs some errands. a few hours of grandma time might be just what the doctor ordered for me today. That little miss cant help but put a smile on my face, I love my girls to the moon and back.

Today might not be all bad after all.


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