Dear Diary

I completely forgot to go online yesterday and so didn’t get chance to write. I actually missed being able to write, even if I rarely have much to say, I still missed it and Im glad to be back today.

Neither Bear nor I are sleeping well again at the moment and we both fear were coming down with cold as were both sniffling and snotty. Im hoping it will pass without either of us getting really ill with it.

Bear is on his final push at work with only days left before he can finally stop and take a break and it cant come soon enough for my liking. He is starting to look really exhausted and Im worried about his health and mental wellbeing if he has to carry this on much longer. Its not doing him nor us any good at all him being so tired all the time.

Its a short day at uni today and Ill be home again by just after lunch so today is going to be filled with cleaning and tidying the house up as its been neglected for the last few days and the pots desperately need attention.

Best crack on with it all!


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