Dear Diary

So I took a day off from everything yesterday to see if that helped my lack of enthusiasm for stuff and I can safely say it hasn’t!

I feel like a complete and utter failure at the moment and I cant focus on anything. I shuffle around the house, pottering about to fill my time, not actually achieving anything much, just wasting time so I don’t drive myself utterly insane just thinking all day long. The only thing I have successfully achieved this year so far is to teach myself crochet and Im not even particularly good at that.

Uni isn’t back to full time until next week so I still have a little ways to go before Im back to being busy again and I don’t know what to do with myself until then? Ive thought about joining the gym but I cant afford to, even the university gym works out at £15 a month and that is more than I can spare at the moment.

I wish I had friends at times like these, people I could go and spend time with when Im feeling this low and lonely but thats never going to be the case for me; I don’t make friends easily and they tend not to stay about too long once they know me and my scatty ways.

I loathe being me.


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