Dear Diary

Im having a bad time at the moment, mentally. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with me but I don’t feel anything but exhausted all of the time and I cant focus on anything for very long. Hugely frustrating when I have reams of reading to do for uni.

Im hoping that it is because we’re in the middle of winter and Im suffering a touch of SAD, Im hoping that once we’ve been away in a few weeks time things will start to look up, If they don’t I don’t know what I will do; Im so sick of feeling so flat all of the time.

Bear and I have talked about coming off of my anti-depressants as starting to take them coincided with some of the more irritating side effects Ive been having, I think I may have to go see my GP again and see what they say. I cant keep going on like this as Im beginning to loath waking up.

I feel like all of my emotions, good and bad, have been taken away from me and replaced with apathy. I don’t laugh or cry, I rarely feel happy or sad about anything in all honesty and its so intensely boring it makes me want to scream but I cant!

Im so sick of being numb!


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