dear diary.

Im struggling like mad at the moment and I have no idea why.
I feel like my life is about to implode on me and I just cant put my finger on the root cause of it all.
The last two mornings I really havnt wanted to get out of bed, Ive been so tired but im not sure if its physical exhaustion or if its mental and emotional.
The winter season is a hard one as Bear works long hours with loads of overtime so we are all stuck at home most of the time waiting for him to get home. The weather is too poor to get out into the woods and so we are all suffering a bit of cabin fever; even our usual after work runs up to the coast have stopped because Bears shattered by the time he gets home and the last thing he wants to do is go out and get dinner.
Life feels like its grinding to a halt and slowly swallowing me up.

I cant wait for our few days away by the see next month, it will be so well needed by the time we go. I intend to make the most of the two days thats for sure. The kids still don’t know were going so it will be a huge surprise for them too, which will be nice. It seems so long since they got excited about getting out and exploring, its certainly due.

Today brings another day of cleaning, laundry and reading for uni as no appointments to go to. Its going to be a long day.


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