Dear diary

What a horrid nights sleep. I kept waking up and always hurt each time. My back and legs are killing me and I can only assume it’s the after effects of the acupuncture session I had yesterday. She went a little further with treatment this time and had the electrodes plugged into me as well. It was ok at the time but wow am i sore now!

This week has felt like groundhog week all week as I’ve had nothing really to do, just wake up and do the same pots and tidying up I did the day before. Maybe do a little more crochet, watch a vid or two. It’s all been so samey and I cant wait to get back to uni next week; even if it does mean an end to my crochet projects for a while.

Maybe once I’m back at uni my writing ability will came back again and I wont need to crochet all the time to get my creativity fix? Now that would be nice!


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