Dear diary.

It’s a funny old day today, nothing feels right.

Bears not at work as he has a hospital appointment later this morning and so we’ve all had a lie in today instead of our usual 4.30am alarm calls. It feels odd tho as I’m tiptoeing about trying not to wake him before I need to and that’s not normal for a week day. Were normally all up by now!

I have another appointment with the acupuncture lady later this morning too. I honestly dont know why I keep going as it’s not making and great difference in my pain levels, if anything it’s making things slightly worse! It keeps setting off the spasms in my legs which lasts for hours and that’s nothing but a ball ache! The only good part to it is that I get to lay flat for half an hour whilst she stabs me! Silver linings and all that!

Oh well. I’d better get on with my day. Xxxx

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