A fact of life!

written in response to #FPQ

Over on Fandango’s provocative question today the quandary posed is…

What’s something you consider to be terrifying that you have come to accept as a fact of life?

Fandango 20/1/20

As ive grown older there are many things that have terrified me at some point or another. When I were little I was terrified of spiders and the dark, monsters under the bed and bad men who would come and take me away, to name but a few. I was afraid of everything but time and wisdom proved me wrong and I learnt to not be afraid any longer.

As Ive grown up my anxiety hasn’t altered, just the things that I fear. Nowadays the things that terrify me are a little more real, such as a maths exam or my credit card statement, global warming or the mental health epidemic I am part of.

The one thing I fear the most that has carried over from being a child is the fear of death. Death has always terrified me but as Ive grown older I have come to accept it as a fact of life, something we all must face at some point, yet this doesn’t help me be less afraid of it.

I have experienced death far too frequently in my lifetime, too many good people have been taken from me in such a short space of time and I am constantly afraid, constantly wondering who will be next. Will it be me?

Yes dying is a fact of life, for sure. It comes to us all at some point or another and so must be accepted as a fact of life and not feared.

Yet I still fear it.

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