Dear diary.

Sorry for my absence yesterday, I had a lie in for a change and decided to stay away from the blog for a day, to see if I could write any better on my return… I cant! But the break was nice all the same.

Todays mission is to put the house back together after a lazy weekend of no cleaning. The pots need washing and the laundry needs folding and putting away too. I am hoping that my 3pm appointment with my uni mentor will give me a much needed motivation boost (something I have been lacking of late) and shake my head up a bit or I’ll never get through the next few weeks (the final 4 in Bears long mission).

In all honesty im exhausted so I cant imagine how Bear must feel working 70+ hour weeks for so long but were all glad its nearing an end and we will soon be going on holiday. I cant wait to get away for a few days and I know the kids will be excited when we finally tell them where they are going.

Four weeks cant go past fast enough!


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