Dear diary

Well I can honestly say that acupuncture does nothing for me after yesterdays appointment. The only noticeable difference has been a dull ache at the site of a few of the needle pricks but nothing other than that which is a shame really as I’d hoped it would be beneficial.

Today marks the last exam day for me and I have a 2 and a half hour exam on data! Luckily for me it’s a writing exercise and there is no math involved otherwise I’d be screwed. I’m hoping today’s exam goes well and I can concentrate on the new modules coming up in a few weeks.

First problem of the day is how to get my two to school without a car as mine has gone for an MOT… bikes it is this morning! Oh heck!!


4 thoughts on “10/1/20

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    1. The bike ride nearly killed me. I’m so unfit and dropping to bits. My back and legs are burning with pain and I’m totally shattered.
      I’m glad I only have to do it the once. Haha
      Hope you’re keeping well hunni

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