Dear diary

T minus 4 hours and counting till my final exam for finance!!! I’m absolutely bricking it and in about 5 hours time I will know if I have to resit the whole module or not! Today is not going to be a good day for me!

I’m already panicking and sweating profusely, the panic has already set in. This is the worst subject for me as I hate maths and really struggle with figures and formulas, I just dont understand them at all. So today’s 2 hour exam is going to be a real killer.

I just want to scream at my own incompetence. It’s all fairly easy stuff but I just cant get my head round it at all and I’ve fallen further and further behind with my studying because of it. I hate that I find it so difficult. It’s not like I’m stupid, I’m managing good grades in everything else but just not in this.

Oh well. I guess it will all be over soon and then I’ll have my answers.


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