I am yours.

written in response to #YDWP. I concede, I am capitulate to your demandsI surrender, I no more have the will to fightI yield, To everything you are and ever will beI am yours, from now until eternity, I am yours

New year, New hair colour!

Ok, so its no surprise that Ive changed my hair colour again; I do it regularly! But I had to share because this is a bold choice even for me and Im not sure the vividity suits me. I know you all will be honest. electric blue and toxic green


Dear diary. What a difference a few days rest, away from all the agro, can make to a person's mood! I actually didn't mind Bear going to work for a change this morning and I dont feel like utter crap being on my own. I even managed to have a lie in on Saturday which... Continue Reading →

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