Dear diary

Nightmares again! I have no idea what about as I forget my dreams within seconds of waking up but I know the feelings they leave me with and this one was a bad one, for sure. My mental health is slipping again and I dont know if the two are related but they certainly coincidence and that’s gotten me worried.

I’m also worried about Bear. His sleeping habits have gotten worse and worse lately to the point now where he’s hardly sleeping at all. I can’t work out the cause and he seems none the wiser too so theres nothing we can do about it. I hope the doctors hurry up and sort him out cos I’m scared he’s going to keel over if something doesn’t change soon.

It’s been a shitty start to the new year so far and I’m hoping that things can only get better from here on in.


2 thoughts on “2/1/20

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  1. Sending lots of love Lil. It sure is a rotten start to 2020. It’s not much better here, but I hope things improve for both of us. I am sick of all this Happy New Year stuff to be honest, and the expectation that we will pist happy or positive or whatever! I had a terrible nightmare last night too, and also yesterday evening I felt so bad I didn’t think I could go on. But it is just starting to get a bit light how, and am hoping for a mire bearable day. Bthinking of you across the river Lil. Putting my arms around you. Xxxx

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