Dear diary.

Anyone would think I liked being awake at the crack of dawn but I can most definitely say, I do not! Its lonely and these small hours dont pass as quickly as I’d like them to. On the plus side, I do get some time to write, so I suppose it isnt all bad, silver linings so they say!

Bears little operation went well yesterday but he was very sore and tired when he went to bed, I’m hoping hes not so bad today and hes not in as much pain. It would be nice to actually spend some time with him in a good mood but I suppose we will have to wait and see how he feels when he gets up. I do love my bear but he can be hard work at times. (I’m sure he would say the same about me too)

Only 4 more sleeps for the baby bears before Santas visit and their even more hyper than ever. I do love their exuberance at Christmas, even if it is only excitement over the gifts they will get. It’s good to see them happy and excited, God only knows they need it in their little lives.

This weekend my mission is to take the kids to see Santa somewhere. This is a massive deal for me because I’m terrified of the jolly fat man but I cant let my baby bears childhoods pass without me taking them at least once. I’m hoping we will find somewhere with reindeer too. That would really make their year!


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