Jack and Carrie.

written in response to # YDWP, #WOTD, #FOWC, #Daily Addictions. 18/12/19.

Detective Jack Jacobs was an undercover cop, new to the role and currently shitting himself. He had been on the job a day when he was flung into his first role, a mission to infiltrate the local prostitute ring. He had been chosen specifically because of his multiple tattoos and the ease of which he would blend in as a punter or a pimp. The boss had deemed him the ideal candidate and Jack didn’t know whether to be insulted or not by the fact but accepted it anyway as he wanted a chance to impress and this could well be it.

Jack had immediately been kitted out with all he needed and sent out into the sordid night-time world that soon was to become his own. The job had progressed just as is training had taught him to expect and Jack was beginning to settle into his role of newest pimp on the strip. It had been difficult at first to get established, the hardest part being finding a girl winging to play his hoe. This is when he met Carrie for the first time.

Carrie was a newbie too. Only joining the force, a year prior and not really settling well. When the posting came up, she had jumped at the chance to get away from the uniform and have a little variety to her day. The fact she fit the physical description of what they were looking for was a massive bonus and made her an instant choice for the Sargent. So the two had been paired together for the duration of the mission and Jack was instantly smitten.

After weeks of working together building a reputation on the strip the pair had finally been noticed by the gang and they had taken Carrie one night by surprise; kidnapping her in order to gain a meeting with her pimp. Jack was absolutely terrified of what might happen to her, even though she had a sub- dermal locator chip to allow him to find her, he knew he had to let things run their course if he was ever to get close to the boss, meaning he must leave his dear Carrie at the mercy of the gang itself.

The meeting had been scheduled for late that night and Jack had been warned to come alone and unarmed or Carrie would be hurt. This was far from ideal for Jack who was always wired up and tracked but he knew he had to do it for Carrie’s sake, God only knew what they were doing to her.

When he arrived at the GPS coordinates, he had been sent the first thing he saw was them beating Carrie and he instantly panicked. He was armed only with a packet of corn snacks and in a moment of sheer madness he drove right towards the gang, rolling down the window as he went. Even he couldn’t believe what he was about to do but as he neared the gang, he slowed the car and took a final gamble. He squeezed the corn snacks as hard as he could until they exploded with a bang inside the car. This had the desired effect on the gang who thinking they were under fire all ran for cover leaving carrying a heap.

Before any of them had time to react Jack had driven up to carry an flung open the door, she climbed in and they sped off as fast as they could in utter disbelief that Jack had pulled off such a crazy feat.

This was the end of both of their undercover career but start of a very beautiful friendship.

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  1. “The boss had deemed him the ideal candidate ” I was wondering if that was a compliment as well?

    I will never get after the boys in my class popping the bags of snacks again. That skill could some day save a life! Hahaha! I eenjoyed this!

    Liked by 1 person

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