written in response to #YDWP, #FOWC, #Daily Addictions. 15/12/19

Did you ever ride a tea tray down the stairs as a child? I did; and suitcases too. I remember my brother and I sitting our little sister on a tray and letting her go bouncing down each step, giggling her little head off as she went careering off at the bottom and into a heap.

We used to have so much fun making up games to play or making dens out in the fields till sunset. We were all happier then and made the most of our time together, even if we didn’t appreciate it right away.

Its been ten years or more now since I’ve seen either my brother of sister and almost as long since I’ve seen my mother too. The whole family fragmented and went their own way, only I’m left longing for days gone by, left trapped in the past with my memories because there is no future to replace them with; my family doesn’t exist any longer and that only fuels my sadness.

I long for something I will never have again… My mum, brother and sister together again, just like we used to be in the family portraits.

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  1. Oh Lil. My heart breaks for you. My family is like that too. My mum just died, as you know, but I too have no family, thoygh they are still alive. It’s so heart wrenching isn’t it. My brother and sister are ten and eleven years younger than me, but Ibhave memories too, of better times. Glad you have your own kids Lil but I really do understand about the memories.

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