Dear diary

Fell asleep at half 7 last night again because I’m exhausted from trying to manage the three lives I lead. I’m juggling motherhood and a full time degree as well as being part time sounding board for everyone elses frustration and a full time housewife to boot. I cant cope. Especially when I’m getting zero support either emotionally or with anything else, I’m just expected to deal with it all on my own.

Well I cant do it anymore. I cant take the constant pulls on my attention and the constant emptiness I’m left feeling. Somethings got to give before I do.

For once I would just love it if someone offered to help me with something, anything. But no! Everyone who comes in my home can see I’m drowning in it all but no one ever offers to help, not even once.

I wonder if anyone would notice if I just disappeared. How long would it take before anyone cared to look for me. Would they even bother?


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