Dear diary

Its amazing how much damage you can do to yourself from a simple sneeze but here I am, stuck with a slipped disc and barely able to move!

But her ho, it’s not gunna stop me getting this assignment done and in on time, only a few more days to go and I should be done. Then its exam week next week, then the holidays! Woot.

I actually can’t wait for Christmas this year, it’s the first one I’ve been bothered about since Lee died and I’m going to make damned sure that the kids have a good time this time. They’ve lost so much in their short lives, I just want them to have something good to remember this year.

I wish it wasnt just the 4 of us, I wish for their sakes we had a family coming over to celebrate the day with us but we don’t. I hope I can make it magical enough for them both so that they don’t miss out on a family.

We shall see.


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