Dear diary

The exam went brilliantly yesterday, I couldnt have asked for a better results from my team really. I am so very happy that we got through it, and got such high praise from the assessors too; one of the best they had seen, apparently! Makes it all the sadder that next week will seal my fate when I sit the finance exam and fail!

Bears doing silly long hours at work again this winter to try and bump his earnings up. I’ve barely seen him all week and this is likely to carry on well into the next season too so I’ll be lucky to spend much time with him between now and next year.

It sucks because I dont feel like I have any support anymore, I do almost everything alone at the moment because hes at work or asleep. I know it’s not forever and I laud his reasons for wanting to do it but still. I wish I didn’t get left by the wayside whilst he accomplishes his goals. Its sucky.

Hey ho, that’s life!


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