Dear diary.

It’s been a really long week battling this virus. I’m glad to say that the kids have fully recovered from it and I’m almost there but it looks like bear has it now as he threw his tea back last night.

I’ve barely slept again and little miss is already up and about so it wont be long before her brother is up too, its gunna be an early start for everyone but bear who can make sleeping an Olympic sport at the weekends.

I’m in absolute agony this morning because I havnt had my meds whilst I’ve been up chucking. I’ve managed to keep some down this morning but only barely enough to stave off the morphine withdrawal, the pain is still there and my legs are twitching and sore. I hate being an addict to pain meds but I hate the pain more.

Today I’m praying for an easy day and an early bedtime with restful sleep. It’s not too much to ask, is it?


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