Its sad.

written in response to #WOTD, #FOWC & #Daily Addictions.

Its sad, watching someone throw their life away because they cant keep themselves on an even keel with their mental health or their life in general. You keep hoping that one day they will awake and realise what a catastrophic mess they are making of everything and start making changes to themselves; but every day they stay the same angry, deluded mess they have always been.

Watching someone use volume and threats, like a little child, against all those who try to help (simply because it doesnt fit their agenda) is heartbreaking, because its done with such ease and malice, and such frequency, it has become the only way they know how to react. Its sad.

Having to witness someone you used to care about self destruct is painful for sure.

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  1. I agree. It does suck. Hopefully eventually they’ll realize they’re not only hurting themselves but people around them who do actually care. Sometimes the best thing is to leave them to their own devices. Doesn’t always work but when nothing else has, what’s left to do? I hope the person you’re writing about realizes this one day. Same with the people around me too.

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