TMI Revisited.

A while ago I wrote a post titled TMI, about my attendance at my annual smear test. Well, Ive had the results back and all is not as it should be! My results have come back that I have HPV, the virus that can cause cervical cancer and I am absolutely bricking it!

I have read all of the literature the doctors have sent me and I know I am a low risk of developing cancer itself but this is a massive worry for me and one I dont feel confident will just sort itself out like the doctors are hoping.

Ive only told bear and one other person so far as I don’t know what to say to anyone about it. I know that I will be tested again in twelve months time and I am supposed to just hope that its gone because there isn’t a treatment for it. Most cases clear up on their own but not always, and these are the ones that cause cancer.

With my family history (mum having already had Cervical cancer) Im really worried that I will be more susceptible, more prone to the cell changes I don’t want to happen. I feel like a year is too long to wait with this hanging over me but there is nothing at all I can do about it other than wait and see. I don’t even want to contemplate the idea that I could develop cancer at some point in the next year, but its a reality I must face, no matter how small a chance.

I hope any ladies reading this will book their tests if they are overdue. Nothing is worth leaving to chance when it comes to your health as I have found out.

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  1. OMG lil. I am really sorry to hear this. What a whammy! I can imagine hoe you must be feeling. Especially with your mum’s history.mmi really am sorry lil. Keep writing down your feelings here, if you can. It might just help you through a bit. Try and think about the fact that there is only a small chance of it developing into cancer, but I know that the other thought tends to be mire powerful. A year does seem a long time to wait. I’m really sorry. Thinking of you lil

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      1. Yes. It’s the best way. I am a cancer survivor. But any time you get down over it, write it here if you can. Hope your lousy cold improves soon.

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