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Sarran had had a crush on Lyla since the first time they had met some ten years before at the start of secondary school. It seemed like such an eternity ago now but Sarran’s feelings had only deepened with time.
It was only by mere chance that she happened to be on the same coach as her now. She had never intended to take a holiday this year but had had it forced upon her by her well-meaning parents as a birthday gift. She couldn’t refuse her parents hopeful gazes as she opened the envelope and discovered a two-week break at a prestigious single’s retreat in the lake district; a pricey gift to receive. It had sounded lovely from the brochures her parents had provided her with and so she had blown caution to the wind and decided to go, even though the last thing she needed was a reminder of how lonely she was.
Sarran didn’t know what to do when Lyla stepped aboard and so hid in her seat with her hood up whilst she passed and took her seat at the back of the bus. The four-hour coach ride was filled with memories for Sarran as she remembered her time at school. Always the wallflower that no one noticed but everyone knew all about. She had always been a loner, sat on the fringes, waiting for everyone to come to her as she was never brave enough to go to them.
Lyla had been different to the others, however. She had always made an effort to say hello when she passed and Sarran had fallen in love with her for it. She had loved her from day one but never brave enough, she kept her feelings to herself and had never loved another since.
The retreat was beautiful to say the least and the perfect spot for copious amounts of singles to find their perfect mate but as Saran left the coach her heart sank as she saw Lyla throw herself into the arms of a guy who was clearly there waiting for her. Tears pricked her eyes as the two held each other for what seemed like forever and even though there was no kiss, Sarran was sure that he must be her boyfriend as they walked to check in together.
Sarran retrieved her bag and joined the back of the queue, hoping not to be noticed as always but to her horror the receptionist started calling names out to come and collect keys and hers was the second to be called.
As she walked, head down, through the sea of people someone touched her arm and made her jump. When she looked up, she looked right into the eyes of Lyla and couldn’t help but smile a little.
“Hello” said Lyla, with the same smile she had always remembered. Sarran was trying to find the right words to say when the receptionist called her name again and she had no choice but to walk away, her heart pounding as she left.
Once she had her key she made a fast retreat for the exit and headed to her cabin and relative safety. She needed to gather her thoughts and take a cool shower.
The last thing she wanted to do was spend two weeks watching Lyla with this man. They had looked perfect together in Sarran’s eyes and she had instantly hated him for it. This was going to be a very long holiday indeed.

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