Dear diary.

Little man is bback to sleeping badly again. He was up by half past four this morning and is now playing Lego in his bedroom, waiting for morning to start.

I feel so bad making him go back to his room but I cant seem to get it into his head that dark skies mean it’s still bedtime. I’ve had to set up a clock in his room so he can see when he is supposed to be up but even that’s not really working well.

I feel for the little guy, insomnia is awful when your an adult so I cant imagine what it’s like for a child with an overactive imagination. It must be torture being stuck in one room but I’m at a loss as to what to do with him.

It’s been suspected for some time that he has ADHD or some other behavioral issue but the addition now of the inability to sleep really adds weight to the thought. All my research states sleep disturbances as an indicator in ADHD when combined with his other issues, I just hope that the child mental health team picks him up soon and gets on with their work.

I dont want my baby boy to have something wrong with him, but quite clearly he does. I just wish someone would pay attention and help us before he gets much older and it all becomes too much to handle.


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  1. I am sure you have tried this but melatonin does help to regulate sleep patterns. I know that it states age etc but as a parent you know what can and cannot be handled by your child. My son suffers from sever insomnia (I thought was just too much screen time until I gave him a tablet and he was out like a light. I had minimized screen time so this was a relief.) Also and as bizarre as this sounds my mom told me that around this time of year up to the time change she use to change my head position-flip me you could say…..apparently regulated me. I honestly do not know what you are going through but I did want to share what has worked for me. 🙂

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    1. Hi, thanks for your reply. I haven’t actually tried any medication based therapy at all as it is so hard to get help for children around here. He has been referred the child mental health services and also to a special sleep clinic but the wait times for both are into the years not months or weeks and so i have no idea when he will actually start receiving any therapy. I will look into melatonin to see if i can get any for him, children’s medication is really restricted around here too. thanks for your advice hunni and I hope your lad manages to get some sleep too.


      1. Given we can get it otc it may be easier for me. Other thing I discovered is he needs noise to fall asleep but as well has a fan blowing directly on him. We are trying radio/fan/melatonin ratio trial right now. It is so hard to have to wait. It is infuriating that money is spent on bs and the future children are falling between the gaps. This is a world wide issue that needs to be addressed. Sorry slid off topic but follow someone else who also is struggling with services.

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      2. Unfortunately as I’ve just discovered, melatonin is prescription only here in the uk and illegal to obtain otherwise 😪
        I try to encourage mine to read before bed to attempt to make him tired but everything seems to have the opposite effect to what I want. Some nights he can be awake long after I’ve gone to bed. I’ve had to install locks on the doors downstairs to stop him wandering the whole house in the middle of the night, it’s scary what he could get up to!
        Honestly he gets as little as 5 hours some nights and it breaks me as I’m awake too.
        The things us parents have to go through for our babies but we do it gladly. Mostly. Lol


      3. Oh wow a perscription? That seems bizarre. It is a natural element. I am sorry. Unfortunately that is my go to other than I have a wave machine that plays sounds of waves and seems to relax him. Your poor little guy I hope you are able to find something to help

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