My Partner

written in response to #FOWC

My partner is my world, second only to the Bears.
Never in my life have I met or loved anyone quite like him. He drives me utterly insane some days but it never dents how much I love or care about him and I know how lucky I am to have him in my life.

He isn’t like anyone I have ever been with before, hes different in so many ways and not like my usual choice in men at all. I go for tall, bearded, long-haired rouges who only end up breaking my heart but this time its different; Bear is none of those things.
Hes not very tall, balding and not what people would call a pretty boy in the least but hes kind and compassionate, caring and certainly more thoughtful than anyone I’ve ever met. I love the way he looks and I love his body shape but he thinks hes too skinny, I wish I could make him see what I see.

When I met Bear for the first time we clicked instantly and I knew in that one night that I wanted to be with him. Not love at first sight per say but certainly close, for sure. We have been inseparable since our first date and
fourteen months on, we’ve had our issues but we have made it through the first year and not killed each other yet!
I love him more now than ever and I can only see that growing over the coming years. This man is worth fighting all my demons for.

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