The end of things.

Written in response to #YDWP, #FOWC & #Daily Addictions.

It was a bitter end to my marriage, full of acrimony and heartache but it had to come to an end for all our sake.

I took my vows very seriously when I walked down the aisle and pledged myself to him. Little did I know at the time how he viewed marriage and what treats I had in store for me over the seven years I stayed with him.

You see, my husband turned out to be a serial cheater! But not just a regular cheat that can be caught out easily, no. My husband was a virtual cheater with an affinity for online chat rooms for the over eighteens.

The first time I caught him at it, I had just returned from work. Picture the scene…

A bank of six computers, totaling eight monitors all set up facing him in his chair. Each monitor displaying at least four amateur porn princesses, all doing their thing; for him. Him sat there with d**k in hand, doing his thing for them. It was repulsive. He didn’t even stop when he saw me standing watching, he just closed the door on me and left me standing there gobsmacked.

Looking back now, this should have been the time when I ended our marriage and took him to court; walked away but I was so in love back then. I would have done anything, believed anything and I did.

Now for anyone unfamiliar with these sorts of sites I recommend staying that way. They are nothing more than a place where sick puppies try to get their rocks off. CamFrog was my husbands favored site and the one I partly blame for his behaviors.

Now I’m no prude, I know people have needs and masturbate. This is fine by me and something I consider perfectly normal. What isn’t OK and isn’t normal is when your partner wants to spend more time online than with you, choosing others to get his rocks off with over his own wife. Its degrading and saddening all at the same time.

He progressed from cams over the years until he started to get over familiar with my friends and family members; that’s where I drew the line and ended the relationship and left for the sake of my own sanity.

I let the relationship go on so much longer than it should have done simply because I loved him and wanted to believe he would change his ways. I wanted to believe that we could be together and I could be enough for him. In the end I was never enough.

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      1. It sucks because it makes awesome women feel as though they aren’t enough. And truth is, is that every one of you can do better.

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